Ho Thuy Tien Water Park – Hue, Vietnam

“Opened in 2004 at a price tag of approximately three million USD, the Ho Thuy Tien water park opened its gates to the public when it was only partially completed. Bankrolled by Company Hue Tourism, debuting a half-finished dream turned out to be a bad business move; but, in an odd turn of events, ever since its closure, the park has provided Hue’s tourism industry with an off-the-books boon they never could have seen coming.

“The sight of a gigantic dragon laying claim to his lake is made more stunning for its crumbling state. The abandoned amphitheater where hundreds of spectators witnessed shows before the fun died is as eerie as expected, and the three remaining water slides rise through creeping woods, and the specter of abandoned crocodiles once kept alive by visiting backpackers still looms…” (Atlas Obscura).