Bokor Hill Station – Kampot, Cambodia

“Once a resort for French colonialists before becoming a getaway for Cambodia’s elite, then a hideout for the Khmer Rouge, the abandoned Bokor Hill Station today stands as a reminder of the country’s fall.

“An eerie ghost town marks what was once a thriving retreat for those who could afford it: the skeleton of a sprawling hotel and casino – the lost luxury evident in the lofty rooms, spacious terraces overlooking the Gulf of Thailand and a grand ballroom – a crumbling church and abandoned royal residencies all harking back to a time of decadence.

“Initially designed as a resort for the French during the early 20th century, thanks to its elevated heights offering a welcome reprieve from the humid heat below and sweeping views across the country, sea and beyond, Bokor Hill Station opened in 1925 after almost nine months of intense labour, which saw an estimated 1,000 men die.” (The Culture Trip)