Bulgaria: Snowboarding, Raki Shots & Unicorns


Last month I embarked on my first ever winter sports holiday – something I always thought I didn’t fancy doing. To me, it always seemed like an overly-expensive holiday, and I was worried I’d get bored doing the same thing every day. However, someone dropped out of the trip my friends had planned, and so a month before, I decided to join. As we were going at the end of the ski season in Bulgaria, the price was actually a lot cheaper than I expected, and I figured as so many people choose to go skiing/snowboarding again, there had to be something to it!

As we arrived in Borovets quite late in the evening, we headed straight out for food and drinks, and with it being the end of the season, everyone was keen to get us in their bars, offering free drinks left, right and centre. We barely walked a few meters when we ended up in Sunny’s Bar drinking his homemade Raki concoction – I knew I was in for some heavy nights and even heavier hangovers!

I was both excited and nervous for my first day of snowboarding, as although I’d skateboarded a bit when I was younger, snowboarding was like nothing I’d ever done before, and I’d already been warned that it was tricky to get the hang of. I definitely spent the first half of the day just trying to stand up on the board and not going flying off everywhere. It’s safe to say, I spent a lot of time on my bum that day! After lunch, we went on our first run, and although I fell over a lot and had to keep ‘leafing’ to control myself, the views were breathtaking and I really did start to feel the thrill when I went a bit faster down the slopes.

It was the first night out after snowboarding that we discovered DJ’s, which became our favourite place to dance every evening, especially with all the free shots! However nothing prepared me for the aches and pain I’d feel the next day – in both my limbs and my head! I’m certainly impressed that people can drink so much every evening and then still get up early to start skiing again the next day!

Having said that, I felt a lot more confident the second day for snowboarding, as I was finally comfortable to just get up and down on the board and stop myself when I needed to. So we started trying to practise turning on the board, as I’d been leafing in order to turn myself around and slow myself down so far. I still found turning quite tricky to get my head around even by the last day, as my nerves just kept getting the better of me as I started going too quickly. On our last day of snowboarding, we decked unicorn onesies for the day, and we certainly got a lot of attention that day!

We only had four days snowboarding in the end, and although my aching body was probably ready to rest, I was a bit gutted as it was by the last day that I was starting to get my head around turning. Hopefully this means if I go again though, I’ll feel much more confident on the board!


For our last night in Bulgaria, we headed to Sofia ready to celebrate my friend Stacey’s birthday. Sofia is a lot prettier than I expected it to be; there are so many beautiful parks around and it’s very up-and-coming with all of its trendy bars and cafés. We were lucky to get some really nice sunny weather when we were there, so we spent a full day exploring the city.

Of course, we had to head to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral; probably the most popular tourist attraction in Sofia. The architecture both inside and outside of the cathedral is really stunning, as expected. There are many smaller cathedrals and churches dotted about this area in Sofia, many from different religions which is really interesting. Another one I particularly liked is the Russian Church.

Another highlight in Sofia has to be the Monument to the Soviet Army, which is situated in a lovely park. There are a few war memorials dotted about Sofia, but I felt this one was particularly poignant, just for its size alone!

In the evening, we celebrated my friend’s birthday with some drinks, and found a little Irish tavern with live music – not very Bulgarian I know, but fun all the same!

All in all, I’d say my snowboarding holiday was a success, and I can definitely see why people return year after year. I think I’m keen to see what I’ll be like next time I get on a snowboard!


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